Cover for The Witch's Moon, a re-release of Magick and Rituals of the Moon first published in 1997. I'm thrilled to see it back in print. Find it at: I belatedly found out the re-release of my book on lunar spells and rituals has been out for over a month. I'm so thrilled Llewellyn decided to put it back into print. It's a work I've been proud of, and, unlike some books on spiritual practice, this one doesn't get "dated" as easily over time. See it at-- http://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738733838

Current Workshop Offerings

-If You Want to Be a Witch-
An overview of common tenets, beliefs, and practices common to modern Paganism. Though our paths differ in many ways, there are lots of core concepts to embrace. This workshop addresses blending paths including ChristoPaganism, Jewitchery, and the PanAmerican Craft.

-Houseblessing and Warding, Intermediate Level-
As a group we will share and practice protecting and warding ourselves, our loved ones, businesses, and homes from invaders elemental, accidental, and intentional.

-Warding and Shielding, Advanced Level-
This workshop starts with basic psychic self-defense, but as more and more Pagans now feel free--thanks to TV--to allow our paranormal interests to be known, extra shielding (causing no blockage of your psychic senses) is a must. You don't want anything following you home... and it happens to the most skilled among us.

-Ask a Witch!-
This open discussion forum is intended for presentation in places where not all the attendees are or want to be Witches, such as paranormal conferences and sites. This gives those of us who are Pagan--and hopefully representing many paths--to let interested parties know who we are, what we do, and why we chose this spiritual path. With luck, we'll find audience members who represent broad spectrum of world religions and we can really communicate! This is an event I do not like to charge for unless the place hosting absolutely must charge an overhead fee to cover the use of space.

-Celebrating the Moon-
In preparation for my second edition of "Magick and Rituals of the Moon," I'm seeking feedback through workshops with hands on experience in lunar celebration and magick. This topic is literally limitless and ranges from 101-701 work, all to be shared, dissected, and reshaped into the best working blueprints we can create in 90 minutes. Pagan resourcefulness never ceases to amaze!

-Pagan Leadership Intensive-
Totally interactive, this exercise always takes off in unexpected directions, and no two workshops are anything like like the others It celebrates our diversity, helps us to work out differences, and keeps our spiritual connections intact even when we choose to worship separately. This workshop paces the burden of carrying the workshop on the participants with me mediating. So far, no fights to break up... but close.

-Mysteries of the Faerie Star and the Faery World-
I have one for beginners and another for those more advanced. It's hands-on and is a great spiritual tool.

-Faery Shamanism-
For the more advanced faery practitioner. Decide to make the choice to dedicate yourself to this work or not. Part 1 is discussion and questions, Part 2 is the ritual.

-Dance Crafting-
We all now dance raises positive energies... why else do we stay awake all night losing time and consciousness to the rhythm of the drums As a Pro-Am dancer, I use Dance Craft in many areas of Craft practice, often when no words are needed. Magical DanceCraft is culled from a life of ballroom, tango, Irish step dance, and other folk dancing. Dancers in the audience are encouraged to share in the teaching experience. The origins of many modern dances are not just cultural, but spiritual. Creating silent rituals, or at least nonverbal ones, is our goal.

-The Brain Game: The Pros and Cons of Normalcy-
An open guided discussion about what we are capable of doing when our brain waves register away from the "norm." This includes, depression, bipolarism, insomnia, narcolepsy, Alzheimer's, autism, Parkinsonism, paranoia, uncontrolled empathy, dyslexia, and any other brain chemistry based problem participants wish to discuss. We will also debate what we should and should not do to meditate these issues.

-Empath Recognition and Support-
Though my wonderful agent could not convince anyone that this was a problem that needed a book to address it, I am continuing the workshops--conversational style--because they seem to help. If time permits we--as a community--will brainstorm ideas to make our events more accessible to the Deaf, the Blind, those with mobility issues, and anything else that might leave part of our "family" from fully participating in Pagan events.

-Advanced Witchcraft and Magick-
Is there such as animal and, if so, how do we define it And what makes it important for our larger community?

-Automatic Writing: Divination & Self-Exploration-
A great divination device most can learn pretty quickly. Please bring plenty of paper and a smooth pen, preferably felt-tipped.

-Celtic Woman's Spirituality - The Warrior Queen-
Creating the warrior woman in us all... men too! Interactive and physical workshop. This workshop can be modified for mixed gender events.

It's OK, We've All Done It!
Usually presented with my sister. This focuses on the misfires and disasters that happen even to long time Pagans when performing magick and ritual. Hey, laughter is a powerful tool.

-Creating Astral Guardians-
Controversial, but works for me and for others in tune with the astral realms and the fey.

-Astral Projection-
A basic course in getting out there and exploring another part of our reality.

-PanAmerican Paganism-
An in depth look--and some practice--at the things that make the Americas and our spiritual and magickal practice different from those of our ancestors (and current practitioners) in Europe and Asia. This workshop contains the material presented formerly in Candomblé and Macumba 101, two of the least understood syncretic faiths in the Americas.

-Energy Work in Group Settings, Beginning Level-
This is a basic course for those beginning in the Craft and still confused about feeling the energy in a circle.

-Faerie Star Divination-
This is a new workshop, and it may not be ready for 2011, but I'm bringing the prototype to my 2011 appearances and we'll see together how well it works in a group setting. Bring pen, paper, and be ready to take notes.

-Mirror Magick-
Techniques of making magickal mirrors and using them. This works best if everyone is able to bring materials to make a mirror, otherwise, a small mirror from the drugstore works just as well.

-Croning and Saging, 101-501-
Those of us who began in American Paganism during the counterculture years are now galloping headlong into senior citizenship. This is to be celebrated, not hidden in shame. This workshop is at least half open forum for sharing the tough times and the laughs of being true Pagan Elders.

-Techniques of Pagan Occultism-
This workshop is a prelude to a book on semi-advanced occult practices. Not all have Pagan origins, but can be appreciated by Pagans, and open new pathways of learning for us. Open-mindedness and the willingness to question everything is prerequisite. If the atmosphere is right, we will get hands-on with many of these arts.

-Special: The Ghost Hunters' Tango Multimedia Show & Haunted Overnight-
A multimedia show using tango as a metaphor for exploring the paranormal secrets of Buenos Aires. Presented with my partners who live in Argentina, this event requires booking a year in advance.

2013-2015 Final List of Workshops, Events & Publishing Schedule

PLESE NOTE: Due to anticipated family needs and illnesses, work venue changes, and a hectic post post-graduate schedule (not a typo--I truly mean post-post), I cannot accept more travel commitments through the end of 2015. Thank you for your understanding that my responsibilities to my family, my pets, and employer have to come before I can, in good conscience, make plans to travel to events. Though I have enjoyed each one, and I've met special people at each who will be in my life forever.

To keep in touch, find me on Facebook where I have a regular page and a fan page, and I enjoy chatting with everyone. I carve out time for FB several days a week. You all keep me laughing and balanced. Thank you.

Oct. 26, 2013, Saturday. A return to the always fun and energetic New Witch Festival Please see NewYorkWitchFestival.com for vending information, workshops, musical performances, and other events.

Nov. 1, 2013: Connecticut Samhain Witches Ball sponsored by Effigy Witch Shoppe of Monroe, CT. See www.EffigyWitchShoppe.com for details.

Spring 2014: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee's Pagan Student Fellowship. Details not yet confirmed.

Edain's Bio (thanks to a kind cousin whose typos are worse than mine)

Edain McCoy is the author of twenty-one books on Witchcraft and occultism, including ADVANCED WITCHCRAFT, IF YOU WANT TO BE A WITCH, CELTIC MYTH & MAGICK, THE SABBATS, and THE WITCH’S MOON. She was a self-initiated Witch in 1981, and underwent a formal initiation in 1983 with a large San Antonio coven. She was introduced to Kaballah, or Judaic mysticism, in her teens. Since that time she has studied a variety of magickal and spiritual traditions, including Celtic, Appalachian, Gardnerian Wicca, PanAm Syncretic, Curanderismo, Jewitchery, and Irish-American Witta. She would love to take on more areas of study, but knows know one can master everything in one lifetime. Ever curious, her latest interests include QiGong, Avalonia, and the details of a past-life in which connections with present-day members of her nineteenth century family have been located.

Born August 11, and raised during the turbulent 1960s and 70s, her open-minded parents encouraged her to learn everything she could about subjects of interest to her. Though her father spent his life as an ordained minister of a liberal Protestant sect, he always supported his children's spiritual choices, allowing them to discover the many spiritual pathways to reunite with the creator. She is an elder, a priestess serving Brigid, and a frequent speaker at Pagan gatherings and festivals where she invariably meets people who remain close friends.

Edain can be found on Facebook under the email addies PiscesMoonMedia@​yahoo.com and CazadoresdeFantasmas@​yahoo.com. She has been writing for publication since she was a high school senior reporting for her town's local paper. She is a past president and past media chair of Central Indiana Professional Writers, and is listed in the dubiously “prestigious” reference books Contemporary Authors, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who Among American Women.

She holds a BA in history from the University of Texas, and will complete her MFA in creative writing at Butler University in 2013. She is a member of the Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, The Association of Writers and Writing Programs, and the American Translators Association. Her articles have appeared in Llewellyn's Magical Almanac, The Witches' Datebook, The Llewellyn Spell-a-Day Almanac, The Llewellyn Herbal Almanac, The Tarot Almanac, and The Llewellyn Witches' Calendar. Throughout 1996 she wrote a column called The Grimoire for "Out of This World, the newsletter of the Romance Writers of America's Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal subgenre chapter. She has also written for the periodicals Fate, Circle, Enlightenments, Branches, and for several newspapers. She can look back and see her own spiritual knowledge grow and progress over the 20 years she's been writing about the occult.

In 2006 Edain cofounded Los Cazadores de Fantasmas (on Facebook under CazadoresdeFantasmas@​yahoo.com), a paranormal and cultural touring, and performance group, with her partners Judy & Jon (www.TangoWithJudy.com) The debut performance in 2011 was a partnership with Bob Newkirk’s Indy Ghost Hunters (also on Facebook) at Indianapolis’s Historic Hannah House (also on Facebook). An unexplained incident in the opening moments of the performance gave proof to the power of dance to raise energy. Haunted tours and investigations in Latin America are available.

Though Edain now calls Indiana home, she’s had a difficult time choosing a “hometown.” She's lived in seven states, and remained for significant links of time in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Argentina. She and a friend spent eight months teaching in a rural Mexican elementary school by day and being couched by the local curandera in the evening.

After completing her MFA in 2013, Edain plans to teach, but will continue to write and present workshops when able. 2012-2013 is her thesis year, and she is also on the small press editorial board for Pressgang. She continues her efforts at volunteering in her community and mentoring young people. She was part of the Butler-Shortridge High School tutoring and creative writing program that won the Jefferson Award for Public Service. She left the insanity of Wall Street World in 2004 for the just as hectic, but more fulfilling (if more poorly paid) roles of tutor and substitute teacher.

She is always happy to get e-mail or Facebook messages from her readers. New friends she’s met face to face have developed from simple FB exchanges. About 200 new e-mails and messages arrive daily on her Yahoo Mail. This traffic jam of unanswered messages has reached the point where she can no longer keep her original promise to herself to answer each one personally. However, she still READS ALL INCOMING e-mail and FB msgs, and answers as many as she can.

A passionate ballroom and Argentine tango dancer, dog lover, voracious reader, and former woodwind player for the Lynchburg Symphony, Edain claims the infamous feuding McCoy family of Kentucky, the hatchet-wielding temperance leader Carrie Nation, singer Marni Nixon, famous clown Emmett Kelly, and the 17th century religious dissenter Sir Roger Williams as branches on her diverse family tree.

Spanish speakers may feel free to write to Edain in Castellano if it feels more comfortable. "Leo castellano muy bien pero escribo ni tan bien," she reminds her Spanish readers. "Mi gramatica no está perfecta. I don't always get it right in English in spite of bring raised by a father who saw himself as part Henry Higgins, part Fred Astaire, and part Florenz Zeigfeld."

All questions, constructive comments, and criticisms--the good and the bad--are welcome. "We're all always students of the Craft, just as we are all always teachers. I've never read anything or meet anyone who couldn't at least give me something new to think about." She has no problem in agreeing to disagree, or to having her mind changed on an issue. "Have no fear of speaking up if you don't agree with something I write or think, or if you know a source that contradicts any I used. I want to continue to learn too."

Edain owns an impressive collection of vintage memorabilia on one of her personal heroines, Eva Perón, the First Lady of Argentina from 1946-1952. "Evita has similar qualities to Queen Maeve, Queen Elizabeth I, Boudicea of the Iceni, Harriet Tubman, or Helen Keller," Edain says of her number one idol. Strong women who attain unprecedented accomplishments against all obstacles, and do it with a single-minded drive that ignores the naysayers and all the improbabilities of success, absolutely fascinate her.

"Eva Durate de Perón came from severe poverty and obscurity to become one of the most powerful political figures of the 20th century. Just because she is a personal heroine of mine doesn't mean I agree with everything she did or how she accomplished all her goals, but she is still one of the most remarkable women in history. I want to offer for thought the words author and scholar Laurel Thatcher Ulrich who wrote in 1976: WELL-BEHAVED WOMEN SELDOM MAKE HISTORY!” Edain is certain she and the Pagans she’s known will never be among the well-behaved of any group, and she likes it that way.

See Edain’s FB pages, or this page, for information on her speaking engagements, Podcasts, or other public events. Her available books can be found on the "Books" page of this site. News and unusual quips can be found on the "News & Notes" page.

2011's Most Popular Workshop: The Faerie Star and Faerie Shamanism

Published in 2007 by Adams Media, The Healing Power of Faery is the basis for the Faery Shamanism workshops. Copies will be available at the stores, or can be ordered direct from Adams Media. It presumes know prior knowledge of the world of nature spirits or faery shamanism, and I hope will make the give and take between our world and the world of the fey easier to access for all of us.

Also available, A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk available, still in print after 18 years, with more than 100,000 copies sold!

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